By dogwithnobrain

There’s a moose loose

You may not be able to see in this photo, but great strides have been made in the rehabilitation of Bean. 

She is inside Cosmo Cottage. 

Okay - she is sleeping inside, and she was there, all by her own accord. 

WE still have no idea what happened to her.  We have realised now, that she appears to have forgotten, or doesn't; understand the back garden. 

She will only enter via the front door.  I went out for her this morning, from the back door and she stood resolutely on the front step.  I lifted her and brought her round to the back door and she was completely baffled. 

She stood for a minute at the door, and then entered. 

Later As I held her in Cosmo (I take her in forcibly every so often) she was settling nicely, but a neighbours door banged and she jumped about 2 ft in the air and then ran out. 

Something / someone has given her a very big scare. 

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