Little Miss B turns 3

What a lovely day our little grand-daughter has had, from her #3 balloon onwards! And just as we expected, she loves Tiny Clanger, who suffered no injury in the process of sticking her head in the back of the toy refuse and recycling bin lorry. :-D)))

Mr PP and son spent much of the day transferring the contents of our self-storage container to the garage of our new bungalow. Gives it a lived-in home-from-home feeling! To be sorted at our leisure. My presence was required by the birthday girl, and I'd have got in the way of the workers, so I've not actually been to the new place today. As our furniture - beds included - won't be delivered till next week, we're still sleeping at our daughter's for the time being.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and good wishes over the past few days - really do appreciate them. Will catch up one of these days. xxx

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