Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

tricky taking photos in a crowded tent!

This was Louise and Anton's wedding day, it dawned bright but by 10 the rain was coming down like stair rods, something that it did for the rest of the day. Just now and then it was drizzle, but mostly torrential rain drumming on the tent roof and making the speeches a trial for all. I heard not a word of most of them. There were umbrellas a plenty and wellies, and wetness - but we all took it in our stride, including Luise who looked lovely and kept mudfree despite 2 year old daughter Matilda requiring cuddles.

It was a very lovely wedding, the shortest service I have ever seen, also largely unheard due to the drumming of rain. The woman officiating had "done" 4 weddings that day and it felt like it. But they were in the gloriously decorated tent (clever Anna, Anton's sister is a florist with flair), and everyone was delighted with everything. The food on the cold buffet was all made by various family members and friends and was the sort of luxury items you can only get in the north of Sweden, smoked fish caught by the family being a centrepiece. Claire's 8 quiches went down well, and the chocolate cakes were so rich and delicious!

And conversation flowed. We were sitting with people who needed to speak English, Katya being from Ukraine and not confident in the language. SHe has been here for 5 years, is married and working and settled - we spoke at length about the war, I told her about Max and blip and asked how we can help. Apart from buying armaments she recommended spreading true pictures of the war, and of the Russian atrocities. She herself is from the Russian-speaking community in Ukraine and has never had a problem of any kind because of it. We shed tears, and drank wine, and talked for hours. Her husband is finalising his PhD, something about theoretical physics and the tormenting of individual molecules with light. I held my own, reading New Scientist and also working in a university for 24 years of fending off qualified bull helps. They were sweet and interesting people.

The extra shows the dried peonie confetti in action. It was appreciated by the bride, and also by smiling Harry in the background, as he was the official photographer! Taking any sort of portrait in a tent full of people and furniture was a challenge, I have edited Louise's dress to remove two chairs.... Not neat, but better anyhow. We retired to our camper van around 12.30, hung our soaking brollies and macs under the porch roof, and decided to keep the windows shut for once. Just a little crack for fresh air, the world was a very soggy place when we retired, and it got soggier in the night!

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