By Ridgeback13


Up and out to Aquafit first thing this morning, although once again the instructor didn’t arrive…..considering how booked up this class gets it’s very annoying if this happens too often. Still, a few people are clearly regulars so we managed to do about 40mins of improvised exercise which was good.
Home and did the ironing then settled down with a coffee for some email and planning stuff…trying to organise the October trip will need sorting before too long!
Had an early lunch then got stuck into my bedroom. Managed to take a couple of bags of clothes to the charity shop and packed winter stuff away in vacuum bags which cleared a good chunk of the floor. Hopefully can get the shelves up and sort the rest tomorrow.
Had a shower and got ready to go to the International Festival lecture by Peter Gelb the General Manager of the Met opera. Interesting and amusing but I didn’t warm to him (seemed to hold it as something to boast about that he keeps a photo in his office of his workers protesting about him and holding a placard saying ‘Peter the Cheater’. Hmm…
Bit of a reception after that and nice to catch up with a few people including SP before dashing next door to the theatre to see Rusalka. Fabulous! Have to say I was a bit distracted by the set which had a huge round movable slab that covered a pool of water and was winched up and down, with the water goblin and nymphs dancing and singing beneath it in the water….I kept worrying about what would happen if the chains broke! There were acrobats, kitchen scenes with deer carcasses hanging from huge ropes, and really soaring lyrical music, beautifully sung by Elin Pritchard the understudy in the lead role.
Slightly bizarre meeting with Jane G at the second interval who I haven’t seen in years. She thought I was an old school friend of hers which was pretty amusing….!
Floated home…that was an amazing performance.

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