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PFI Architecture

I had occasion to visit Outpatients at Yeovil Hospital this morning.  In 2019 one retina showed a leak of serum (Central Serous Retinopathy) and I had to stop flying for a bit – which turned into forever, as it happens.  I had not had the eye checked since before the Pandemic and it was gratifying to discover that I was being discharged, that there was no more fluid on my retina.  Hurrah!

But the privatisation of the NHS reared its head, if only for the cost of the car park at the hospital.  I might mean the Private Finance Initiative, but the effect is similar: parts of the NHS fall into commercial businesses and leave our control, and our benefit.  The car park cost £7 for 3 hours, pretty pricey in Somerset terms, I'd say, but the signs say that "proceeds" go towards the hospital, although the car park is run by a private company.  I'm willing to bet that little of that £7 will go to the hospital, considering how much it would have cost to build this car park and how much of a premium the private sector charges for such an investment.  During my MBA studies in 2005 I was shocked to discover what interest the PFI partner will charge to cover the risk, a risk that is almost always borne by the Treasury.

But the news was good and this is the graphic line of the car park, a very well designed structure (none of those dreadful central reservations between the up and down lanes).

Finally, every single member of staff was working hard for my benefit and for fellow patients.  They were great.

And I managed to resist the temptation of the huge flapjacks in the café . . .

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