I feel cheated! Went to my first Bodypump class this morning and set my watch as we started, to record the exercise (which I enjoyed and think I’ll go back to) but when I finished I saw that there was a notice I should have agreed to before it started to record, so not only didn’t it measure my exercise it was on pause the whole time so didn’t record any of my exertions! Grr!
Picked up our Tattoo tickets then home to get showered and do some bits and pieces before heading down to town to do some browsing for N’s birthday on Thursday. Slow progress through a packed town…especially across North Bridge where the single pavement is solid with people and hard to make progress on. The Royal Mile was heaving, but lots of smiles and songs and laughter everywhere so lovely to be in the midst of it! Enjoyed sitting in the sun with a long cold drink on George St at an outside bar before I met NK for RCS handover work. Had a good long chat and took loads of notes. I need to start setting aside some time each week to make sure I’m on top of it all. Also thought about drawing up a list of all the different stuff I want to do with my time so I can pick from it each day….this morning found myself with an hour or so and couldn’t think what to do other than some vague browsing/faffing about online.
Anyway, had thought to pick up a comedy show on the way home but it was sold out so back and made salmon and dill pasta for A getting home from work then she very kindly put my shelves up for me in the bedroom so tomorrow I can get on and do more sorting.
We called Mt&H to see their new kitten….Tilly (extra). Adorable! Mx is totally smitten, as he was when he met our cat, but Tilly is spending most of her time hiding inside the TV cabinet…no doubt terrified by the boisterous household she’s joined! Strange to have a show free day but I think it’s the only one I have in August so perhaps not bad to have an early night!

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