a lifetime burning

By Sheol


As promised yesterday, a change from my recent 10 day run of insect images, with this shot of a female Marsh harrier taken this morning.  

There was only one other person in the hide, when I arrived.  He confided glumly that there wasn't much about, and in the warm still air there certainly wasn't too much sign of interesting bird activity.  Even the squabbling coots seemed to be prepared to take it easy.  It was at that point that the the female harrier quietly glided into sight, almost over the top of the hide.  

I didn't stay out too long this morning, given the forecast.  This was taken shortly after 7am on the Somerset levels and benefits from that softer early morning lower lighting.  Truth be told, it was too hot by 8:30am and I was already glad to get back into the car for an air conditioned drive home at that point.  It is 32C outside now as I post this.  Phew, what a scorcher, as they say.

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