A Daily Dose

By suejay50

Scorcher . .

Phew! It is hot once again - too much for me. 
26.5 inside with curtains drawn etc.
Hamish is working in a warehouse and today brought me an early birthday gift - 24 bottles of very pleasant tonic water to go with the gin that I so enjoy! 
Bless him - he got an ice cream..... 
All the grands freckles are showing up as they tan! His will continue to so do as he is now volunteering with the local lifeguards on his days off - absolutely loving it and had to assist 5 people back to shore yesterday when they got well out of their depth.
Hopefully next year he might get paid to do it, if he keeps this up.
I was gifted loads of courgettes so headed to get what else I needed and made 8 portions of ratatouille which is now in the freezer, for the winter. And some for my dinner tonight. Yum!

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