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By H0tamer

Drought => fire

Early this afternoon several fire brigades drove through our village up North. Later our son M. advised us about the forest fire close to an abandoned ammunition depot near Münster.
About 400 fire workers tried (and are still trying) to bring the fire under control. They come from many different villages and cities, as well as from companies like the Deutsche Bahn (railway).
Challenges are the drought (so the fire expands rapidly), the shortage of extinguishing water (only one smaller lake in the neighbourhood, the river Gersprenz is too dry), and the remains of the depot (ammunition still lieng all over the place, the fire workers can only use a limited number of paths). About 20 hectares (50 acres) of forest were involved (and hence destroyed).
My picture is taken from 15km/10mi away. The plume of smoke reached into the Rhine valley, tens of kilometres away.

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