My Daily Life in Photo's.

By Mothermudd

A day out

My friend Jane & I went to visit an Open Garden in Alfriston.
Lovely Gardens, they served Tea & Cake, but they didn't have toilets that we all could use. I think that was wrong, you serve Tea & Cake you should have available toilets.
Anyway we decided we'd drive to a lovely Tea Garden nearby in Litlington, it was packed, but luckily we had passed this Cafe on the way, so we turned around & popped in there. Nice food, unusual setting; planned out more for Cyclist's I think.
First thing we asked was did they have toilets....... Yes of course they did.
Not the most pleasant of toilets, but they worked & you could wash your hands; hopefully they'll make more toilets & they'll be kept clean.
Anyway food & drink were good & having Jane there, i was Good Company as always.


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