By Bella888

Minimalist Abstract for Ingeborg’s Abstract Thursday, theme ‘Minimalist Abstract.

Found both our Santander accounts were ‘blocked’. Long story. Spent ages on phone to Santander. Sorted.
Make with J&R to Westbourne To exchange sunflowers they brought me. Fading before we even put them in a vase. Replaced by a Cala Lily plant, not had one before.

Had a drink outside, in the shade, at the Libertine. Then walked to town. Got very warm. Took bus back home.

The others met with J&R’s family. Too hot for me, so sadly stayed behind. Found our bank accounts blocked again. Ended up on the phone for at least another 2 hours to Santander, mainly waiting for someone to answer. Eventually resolved. So frustrating. Why make something easy, when you can make it as difficult as hell. Grrrrr!

Exhausted after all that. Had dinner booked at 6:30 at the Cliff. Sat in garden. Nice venue, off the tourist beat, average food. Collected figs from M&H on the way back. Had previously declined the offer thinking we wouldn’t have time time to pop by.

Home. Hot inside. Exhausted, off to bed now

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