View from the croft gate

By Croftcrafts


I was in Edinburgh today R wanted to go to the book Festival  so I tagged along but I did my own thing. As a few Edinburgh blipper often go to the Meadows I decided to walk there from Princes street. It was very busy and the parents are not friendly  to my three wheeler. I haven't been  to Edinburgh in years but I thought it was a complete mess with loads of building sites and with the dustbin strike  the pavements were a mess. I had my lunch in Sodenbergs and then walked to the Meadows but couldn't stay or walk far as I had to get back to Princes Street for 1.30pm so I took the bus back. Sitting on the bus just about near yhevstsirs to the gardens I saw R but she didn't see me and then the bus went round the corner.  When I got off I phoned her and she was in the gardens eating an icecreamk so I bumped my wheeler down all the steps and met her. We got the tram for Inglestone and was home in plenty time to get Magnus.  A great day out that we must do again  as there is loads I haven't  seen.

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