Northern Star

By Lifferz

Pat Austin

I have been sorting papers all day in an attempt to shred things no longer needed and re-organise resources.

I’m nowhere near close to finishing but it’s a job that has to be done carefully and properly otherwise if I only do half of it (as can be the case) it seems that I have to start from close to the beginning all over again next time I decide on a tidy up.

My living room floor is full of paper. It’s pretty much in newly organised categories. In an attempt to be pragmatic, and in a nod to plentiful online resources, I’m trying hard to reduce the amount of papers I have.

On the plus side I took breaks and sat outside in the warmth for half an hour and completely relaxed. I also had a lovely healthy lunch.

I did a few jobs such as planting (finally) the squash seedlings I’ve been nurturing. I’ve not been able to put them in the raised beds because of the hot weather. Two are huge and are adolescent plants now really with flower pods on (oopps!) I’ve watered them in well but they already look a big wilted and unhappy. Fingers crossed that they look better tomorrow. This is my second attempt after my first crop got eaten.

I was going to blip the squashes but this small, singular Pat Austin rose was hiding behind the poly tunnel and caught my sight. The flowers usually don’t appear this late in the year so it was a surprise.

I’ve chopped up some branches so they can go in the compost garden bin once it is empty (form an orderly queue please). I’m hoping once a MrH is back he can help me a bit as a lot of the branches are things he has dumped on a long piece of unloved raised bed to stop cats from sitting in it and relieving themselves. We have a long running saga where I remove the branches and spiky things to clear the bed only for him to replace them with new spikes a few weeks later.

I decided today I’d rather have occasional cat droppings to something that looks like part of the scenery from a documentary about trenches.

MrH is back soon after 5 weeks away so I best get that paper shifted from the floor pronto.

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