Live it loud!

By Lostpixel

Near miss

A close call today. Way too close.
Travelling back home after seeing mum who was admitted to hospital on Friday with double pneumonia. The guy in the yellow Renault nearly made the day a very bad one indeed. This is an image cropped from my dashcam video.

He came down the slip road onto the M1 southbound at Loughborough, accelerated as he joined the motorway and pulled straight over lane 1 into lane 2. The problem was I was already there. He got from the slip road into lane 2 in less than 2 seconds!
I had a van in the outside lane so had nowhere to go. I was already hard on the brakes from 64mph here and slowed more than 20mph in the next second. The van on my right hand side was also braking heavily. The renault missed the back corner of the lorry by less than two feet doing over 70 and, because I stood hard on the brakes I missed him by the thickness of the paint on my car. Scary moment....

Thankfully, mum is improving, but, we'll be back into the usual, in fact increasingly desperate negotiations with Social Services about the level of care she and dad need. Another few days of joy to look forward to.

Edit - I learned something today. Had a long chat to dad about his love of football and cricket. One thing that came up was the Hillsborough disaster. Dad has been a life long Forest fan. I didn't realise that in 1981 there had been a near disaster again a the Leppings Lane end of the Hillsborough ground, again at a cup semi-final. That time it was a match between Spurs and Wolves. My dad and uncle were at that match. Exactly the same scenario that allowed the loss of 96 lives 8 years later unfolded on that day. Dad has never spoken about that, and, as I recall, about the Liverpool/Forest match in 1989. 

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