Looks Good To Me

By Pilipo

Look At Me

Hamish here.

A funny thing happened today as we were driving home from our morning walk in the park.

I was in my usual place behind Phil in the Kona. There’s a canvas thing a bit like a hammock to protect the seat from my claws, and my harness connects to the shoulder harness with a short nylon tether. I have room to move round, and to stand with my front paws on the armrest to look outside — a special treat when the window is down! 

We were still in the park when Phil stopped to talk to one of the workers repairing the asphalt road surface. In order to perform my guard duty, I needed to get between Phil and the stranger. To my surprise, I found that I could move forward between the front seats and stand with my hind legs on the center console, and my front legs on Phil’s knees. 

It was only a mile from home, and there were cars lined up behind us, so Phil didn’t try moving me until we got home. I was hoping he’d let me drive, but no such luck! 

Check in to see what happens tomorrow!


Thanks to C for the photo!

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