Today is that 1000th shot, somehow the pace of a snail captures some of the experience. Here is what I know on day 1000:

1. I have never ever before done anything that is a choice 1000 days - let alone in a row. Well I suppose I went to school for many more days than a 1000 and actually enjoyed that, but otherwise, cannot think of a thing.

2. I was kind of a sceptic on a social media community and the development of feelings and connection to people you have never met in person. But I am convinced, you can and do - here.

3. I have learned more of some of the countries I am linked with, have asked for and gotten definitions on slang, cultural references, and such. It is quite fun to begin to understand such ways - ways that usually you learn only by living in a country. This kind of connection is clearly important in a globe that badly needs more communication. Pity that we blippers are likely not connected to the ones who are least like us.

4. I have learned a lot more about photography - and have a long ways to go. Some people amaze me with their equipment choices for this shot or that, and the lighting, and then processing. I will be one of those who keeps it more simple.

5. I will keep on - however I may turn comments off now and then so that I practice without a single thought to feedback. And I may even skip days now and then. Jury is out on both of those.

6. I so appreciate all the wisdom, sensitivity, caring that has come my way by way of comments and interest. My husband has just weathered another crisis and there you all have been with encouragement and good will/wishes. I am humbled and say thank you thank you thank you. You are all just something!

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