On the wire

Stealing today's title from the great blipper onthewire who would hopefully approve of black and white for this image!

So, another day off work. You don't need the whole sob story but I'm going to give you a potted version of my suffering anyway...!

I was all set for a day at work today but having gone to bed early last night I woke up at 10 pm and stayed awake, overheating, until about 4.45 when I dropped off for an hour. Still feeling like someone had turned my internal thermostat up to max and missing most of my sleep I thought the sensible thing would be to avoid spreading it to other people, especially in a school environment.

So I slumbered in bed until about 11.30 when, overcome with frustration, I got up, had a shower and came down stairs to slumber elsewhere for a while.

I've had a potter in the garden, I've aired the duvet, I hung the washing out, I prepared the pots for the boys to plant some herbs, I've felt guilty about not being in work and the consequent increase in workload being off will bring.

I watched a short clip about life in Berlin, where many people cycle to work and seem to have a positive work life balance. In fact the rest of Europe seems to have cracked this.

I think I need to get off the sideline and get a bit more involved in making Bristol a greener, more pleasant place to live. First step? Not sure...

Back to work tomorrow anyway and all these wild thoughts may disappear in the buzz of the everyday.

Oh, I think I like the old style clothes peg but the little bird has a certain elegance. All the birds stack together in a nice little pile but who would bother doing it. Our peg bag is a happy mix of species.

Putting out the washing is my favourite household chore. There's just something about it that elevates it above cleaning the U-bend.

Finally, I missed my colleague PrimeMart's meeting this afternoon. Apologies!

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