By R4G


Every time I make coleslaw with this particular combo of vegetables (red cabbage, orange carrots and sometimes even red onions, but just the red cabbage will do), a scene from “Four Weddings and a Funeral” comes to mind:

Gareth : Scarlotta! Fabulous dress. The ecclesiastical purple and the pagan orange symbolizing the mystical symbiosis in marriage between the heathen and Christian traditions?

He’s right - there is something fabulous about the placement of purple and orange together, be it in a dress or a foodstuff. Whether it’s as Gareth suggests above, or because they are both bold, jewel-like colours, not quite opposite each other on the colour wheel but close enough to that to be a gorgeously vibrant contrast.

My children care little for the aesthetics - they just love the stuff. It’s always a winner and the kind of side dish that ensures my children will get a good deal of their five-a-day.

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