By soozaday

Society Garlic

My neighbor gave me some cuttings of this plant, but due to the drought I think I've lost them all. This clump is in the garden at City Hall, and is what I was aiming for when I planted my little starts.

It's harvest time around here: the tomatoes are almost finished, apples are falling, pears are dropping, there's still a squash or two. Or three. I made a batch of applesauce this morning from the Gravensteins, and I want to try some tomorrow with another variety and see if there's any difference. Next up will be tomato sauce. I've never noticed this before, but the skins seem to be getting tougher and thicker as they stay on the vine. Pears need a couple weeks to ripen, preferably in the fridge, which is small to begin with, which makes food storage interesting. So that's the farm report. 

I had a nice long walk today, which included a hill. I did have to stop and rest every once in awhile, but I got home from downtown, which was the goal.

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