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By distractedhausfrau

Birthday Bash

Today was my daughter's 4th birthday. She got this idea in her mind that she wanted an "under the ocean" party ("but not Nemo!"). She also got the idea in her mind that she wanted a piñata. You have no idea how lucky I was to find an "under the ocean...but not Nemo!" piñata at a nearby party store.

I painstakingly stuffed the seahorse piñata with enough candy to keep all ten kids high for a week. I put Mr. DH in charge of coming up with some sort of bat for the kids to hit the piñata with. And he was all too happy to retreat to the garage or shed or basement... or wherever he went... to escape all the party preparations and hunt down a "whacker." When he re-emerged, he proudly produced this sawed-off hockey stick, and I have to say it really was the best piñata whacker ever.

Happy birthday, baby girl!

(This isn't my daughter, but this was the tiniest girl at the party. She had a swing to rival any twelve-year-old boy's!)

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