Lost in Thought

By steveng

Back Lit Ferns

We have travelled over to Norfolk for a few days in the motorhome, staying near to Thetford Forest.  On a walk between the showers this afternoon we came across these back-lit ferns so they have become my blip.

Connectivity is ok on the site so here are the Wide Wednesday results:

As ever a great set of entries and a difficult choice.  I could think of something positive to say about all of the entries so these are the ones which particularly caught my eye.  

Me again next week - but the (optional) theme is the natural environment - trees, rivers, mountains, clouds, weather related, plants, animals and so on.

Thanks also to everyone who was kind about my own Wide Wednesday effort.

Favourites to:

BobsBlips – A great aerial view of a playground coast
FrankS – I like the inside looking outside viewpoint
DavidC – great use of a fisheye lens
Madowoi – great geometry and a contre-jour viewpoint
PixelPixie – Old-town architecture

Honourable Mentions to:

RHelena – mono mistiness
Lesmark – water storage in Spain – a sign of things to come?
60plus – more of our influence on the landscape
Rock Area – IKB, a train, a bridge, a coastal scene  – what’s not to like?
Heanku – sheds – geometric accommodation for those building the built environment

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