By snapso

Happy and Glorious

This ranunculus is enjoying the sun, but it’s a fragile specimen, tall and spindly. It is waving in the light breeze like a newborn lamb trying to find its feet. After opening up a few days ago, it will soon be gone. 

On occasion, I dig holes and take out weeds, but I am not a gardener. However, it occurs to me that, more often than others, gardeners (like farmers) are constantly reminded of the turning of the seasons, of life and death, and the often brief interval between the two.

When I woke up this morning, the news was of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

I remember as a very young boy seeing the Queen when she came to Christchurch in the early ’60s. We all waved our flags as she passed, returning our waves from her car. It was over very quickly, and I didn’t see much. But then along came a woman on a scooter, caught in the traffic and following behind the motorcade. I saw her clearly as she looked right at me, and she too was smiling and waving as she passed.

When we had to draw a picture in class, mine was of the Queen riding a scooter.

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