Local damage

As I recover from the damage inflicted on myself by falling, I read and walk gently either around our property or beside nearby roads. The pavements are safe to negotiate, even with the continuing discomfort in my thigh, which took a large part of the impact.

However, today was not a day to venture forth; at least not on foot. S and I did have to go to Farro for what she needs to prepare aq late lunch for daughter J, whose birthday is tomorrow. Later this afternoon I wandered around outside, including on the footpath in front of our place.

A big Kauri tree grows at the front, just behind the garage and with the neighbour’s right of way drive skirting the base of the Kauri by little more than a foot. Much of the nutrients for these trees comes from small fragile roots near the surface at the base of the tree. It appears that this driveway has caused some damage to the base of the tree. 

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