By Charente

Image, shared by Instagram user 'murphy's sketches

I wasted the whole morning trying to get my mobile to work. It suddenly decided that it would not connect to my watch.  I decided to delete the app and download it again, the mobile then decided that it could not download anything.  Finally, after around 4 hours I got the flippin thing working again and managed to get the app back and connected to my watch – so frustrating.
This afternoon I made an apple crumble.  Mr C has done something to his back, he somehow has to get through to Monday when the chiropractor can see him.  I hope it can be sorted out as we have a long drive ahead of us on Thursday.
Dinner tonight is the last of the turkey pie (it went a long way) with roasted vegetables and a glass of wine.  Apple crumble for dessert.

Total lack of news from here.  I hope that you all have a great weekend and once again thank you all for the fabulous comments and stars on my collage from yesterday.

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