By amandoAlentejo

It Takes a Woman

... but maybe a man can learn to do it as well.

Went out at midday to hear the bells tolling for the Queen in Platt Church... they were very slow and far apart... imagined it was how  it was meant to be, but when I went in, there was a young man pulling hard on the rope, really struggling... apparently, the bell had not been rung for years... anyway, after a while, a young blonde woman walked in, casually grabbed the rope and the bell tolled away not exactly merrily, but certainly faster, and with almost no effort.

Extras of the cards you could write and the prayer you could pray, the steeple, and the blonde bellringer.

Listened to our new King's first speech, and thought it was good, poor guy, obviously very sad; liked that he talked about his own faith. 

- a good night's sleep
- Mike getting safely home to Mourão after the conference (which was a great success)
- a trip to that big Swedish shop; Eden loved all the different lights and sights, and folk loved seeing her

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