A Glorious Muddle

Today I have spent six hours clearing out my shed; it is a job I have been putting off as I knew that over the winter, rats had gnawed a hole in the side and had spent some time in there. I am really afraid of two things, one of them being rats. Actually I am not fond of snakes either, but they do not tend to inhabit the garden, except for the slow worms.

Mr A provided me with a face mask; he cannot go anywhere near contaminated things due to having a deliberately suppressed immune system, so it was down to me to sort out the shed. Everything had to be removed, cleaned and sprayed including the inside of the shed. There is now a sulphur candle burning in there to kill off anything which remains.

While I was doing this, Mr A was working in the garden, except he had to stop, because I broke the broom handle so I presented him with the brush and the handle to fix. One of the cages around one of our young tress had fallen over and although it looks as though it might not survive, he has repaired it and we will see how it goes; then he mowed all the lawns.

Florence is rather miffed that she has not been blipped today, especially as Dougal featured yesterday; today she posed beautifully, so I have told her I will blip her tomorrow; she may of course choose not to co-operate!

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