By airedaleknitter

on reflection...........

this the same building as my entry for 21 April, just taken from a different angle. We had a short walk this evening with Miss H and Angus along the canal and back along the River Aire. This is the river. The canal was very still this evening, as was the river though we saw lots of fish jumping to take the flys and it really felt like summer was just round the corner.

As Mr H came in from work this morning he reminded me that the longest day is now next month. It is not what I wanted to hear first thing in a morning but it has spurred me into action with 'SpringCleaning'. We have cleared the garage of a lot of rubbish, I've run a cleaner through the washing machine, not sure if they do any good, but it can't do any harm once a year. I've sorted out the coat cupboard and done a little bit of weeding in the garden. I think we can see the fruits of our labours.

on a dog related note, we dismantled Reggie's crate yesterday as he hasn't been in it for weeks. He doesn't seem to have noticed it has gone, but it is another sign that he is growing up! ( we will keep it for a while just in case).

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