By habbie

Puffer Spartan

in 1980 at the end of its working life the Scottish built coal fired steam puffer built as VIC 18 for the war effort was sold for £1 to the Scottish Maritime Museum at Irvine Ayrshire...they kept her at Irvine harbour until recently before being hauled out of the river to outside the museum where now she has visitor entry doors cut into her hold and folk can visit an exhibition of the life of puffers from 1860s until present...
extras include Spartan at various west coast piers and beaches during her life of service hauling coal and other essentials to the islands returning with full whisky barrels and agricultural products to Glasgow and other Clyde ports....a quiz for those in the know who can identify Iona, Armadale, Port Ellen, Lamlash,  other extras include a coal bucket from Spartan and a cross section of the boat....sharp eyes will spot that the funnel moved from forward of the wheelhouse to aft in 1961...can you explain?

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