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By HarlingDarling

the end of the table

Another super rainy, torrential at times day. Indoors apart from a few moments when the rain actually stopped and there was even a spot of sunshine. I drew things, learnt a new pattern, got it wrong and developed my own version. 

Keith was out at his meeting till mid afternoon, then I was at a meeting in the evening, hopefully one of the last ones connected to the election for a while. Good to see people, hear their reactions and intentions, and I drew my way through the meeting as well because there was irritation at times. People who have contributed little - or almost nothing - having opinions about how things were done wrong, and how they should have been done was no fun. 

We are not going to start arguing amongst ourselves though, no-one has the energy for that. Negotiations have begun about how we will be part of the left block majority on the council, there will be a bit of working out to be done but hopefully it will be resolved without too much angst. I haven't got the energy for angst!

It's raining so much! The gravel road on the steep hill up to us has had deep channels gouged out by the water swilling down. The gravel road into our drive washes away on a regular basis and our neighbour shifts things back into position, but the "big" road is a proper oiled grit road - and the water has made a channel anyhow. Everything is really sodden and there are huge puddles all over town. The good thing? I could crack out my lime green waterproof coat, dazzling in the dreary light!

Found some more little frames in the second hand shop this evening, I tried to buy new ones but they were all too small or too big, these 4 are perfect. Not square of course, I still have to solve that little challenge... The big excitement of the day was a sighting of a Lynx in our field, just wandering up the hill by our garden, very beautiful, very self-assured. Also very wet like everything else! We were so thrilled to see it, we think a smaller one than the one we saw in the wintertime, and still wearing its summer colours. What a treat.

So, bed time is fast approaching, I will look at your journals tomorrow - also a treat!

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