By Missycat

It's Abstract Thursday!

Today's theme is 'Lines'.  There are lines here of a sort but truthfully I did have a bit of a struggle get  an image with lines from Violet's crystal tree (see extras) which I had firmly decided was going to be the basis of my abstract.  In the end, PS Elements 'wave' filter came to the rescue providing these sort of lines, wavy and crisscrossed!  Many thanks to Ingeborg for her continued hosting.

In other news:  I had a busy morning supervising others: C my lovely cleaning lady and also today the tree surgeons :))  This afternoon I met my friend C for lunch, where did manage some laughs despite our situations.  Our afternoon tea, due to take place at Chenies Manor House this coming Monday, has been put back to the following week.

My blips have been rather sporadic of late and my commenting even more so.  I'm afraid that I've been feeling rather down with the several sad  events and news around us atm (not all detailed here) but I shall try to get back into the swing of things ASAP!

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