Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

New bed and games

Tired after the late night last night. Took Kilda for a walk this morning in the gardens for a change. Not sure who she does and doesn’t like anymore so we had some ball throwing and came out when all the little dogs arrived. New sofa bed arrived in the morning and it only just fitted upstairs after removing the handrails on the stairs. Does look good and feels nice, cushions are a bit full at the moment but I’m sure they will flatten down. Took Darwin to the vet for his 6 month checkup and he was excellent. It was the same vet that saw him 6 months ago and she was very impressed by how much he had calmed down, he didn’t bark at her once and was relatively happy to let her examine him. He did go up to her after for a sniff. Came back and my new games had just been delivered, a couple of expansions and a new game for the boy’s weekend away at the end of the month. Couldn’t concentrate today as I was waiting to hear from the solicitor about mum’s house and if she is going to move next week. Lots of email started to fly around this afternoon and I finally managed to get hold of he solicitor around 5pm. Seems they hadn’t confirmed the move date with the solicitors of the house we are buying and they are a few weeks away from being able to sign contracts as they need to complete probate, even though they said earlier they didn’t need to do that. Hopefully the people buying mums house will be OK with that as they had arranged to get hold of their mortgage on Wednesday. Left her to go and sort out a date between the other parties, as that’s what we are paying her for. Took the dogs up Carlton Hill and then had a quiet night in watching TV

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