Flight of the Pigeons

Headed over to the markets to get some Malaysian food for lunch.  Didn’t realize I was about to walk through a huge flock of pigeons!!  They took to the air in a flurry of feathers and I managed to get the phone out and get a couple of shots. I liked this one with the shadow of the tree on the tank thing and lots of birds lined up on the roof of the bank!

In other bird news, Mr and Mrs Willie Wagtail seem to be making different whistles and calls today so I think the eggs must have hatched!  
Not that really know because I can’t see into the nest just that things are different today!! 
Couple of shots of the two of them in extras - they take it in turns to sit on the nest so I have no idea which one is Mr and which one is Mrs : ) I have a feeling there is a lot of my hair in that nest lol!!

Its been a quiet and peaceful day so I feel rested and I’m going to bed early which will help as well! : )

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