By rockit

(261) A Chequered Past

More cable issues today, this time with a broadband cable. In order to change a few things in the living room we took down a shelving unit and moved the television unit away from the wall only to find the broadband cable appearing through a hole in the floor right in the middle of where a new hearth is going to go. The only solution was to move the cable to a different position which meant lifting the hall carpet and getting down into the crawlspace beneath the floorboards. This isn't usually too difficult but as I can't bear weight on my right arm yet, it was a bit more challenging than usual. I did manage though and the broadband cable now enters the living room through the same hole that I made a few weeks ago for an ethernet cable. The red and grey/blue linoleum tiles glued to the wooden floorboards must be at least forty years old. I can't really see them ever  coming back into fashion.

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