A fairly quiet day. We started by walking down to the St James’ centre, looking for a few things I want to get for my holiday. Managed to find a couple of T-shirts and A got a skirt and a dress (although as she kept saying, now she has a mortgage to pay she shouldn’t be spending!). We ended up in John Lewis’ cafe as there was nowhere else really to get coffee and a treat…the food court at St James’ is hopeless other than at night and there was as usual a ridiculous queue at Bros Bagels.
T called a couple of times, trying to iron out wrinkles with the care plan for P. He’s been down to check up on him and had to go and buy various supplies that we’d assume the careers would bring and they didn’t. P seems to be planning to stay in bed rather than moving to his chair in the other room….T and I may move the bed into the larger room this weekend if that’s the case. It’ll work out.
I’d ordered some other stuff online and when it arrived I was surprised to discover a message hidden in the pattern…not really sure I’ll keep this!
Home to have an afternoon of reading for book group tomorrow….The Guest Cat was a short and gentle tale about a neighbour’s cat who visited the house and touched the lives of a Japanese couple. Poignant to be reading it with A’s cat sitting on top of me throughout…she’s become so clingy in recent weeks as she declines and just sits on us whenever possible, or follows us round tangling up in our feet.
Made a version of porchetta for supper with a plum crisp for dessert and we watched the latest David Attenborough documentary about the Frozen Planet (there will be a collective national mourning when he goes, for sure).
Feels like I have lots to do this coming week….

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