MonoMonday: Environmental/Documentary Portrait

I stuffed up again and misread next week's theme for this week's. So I missed the opportunity to photograph Mr isbi doing one of the many things he loves. 
Instead here he is on his mobile phone, something he also does quite a bit of. 
I'm sure he would have preferred to be seen as in a shot of took of him yesterday so not valid, but I'll add it as an extra to keep him happy.
Thanks for hosting Annie. I do love an excuse for a portrait and sorry I didn't take better advantage of the theme. 

This morning I finally returned to swimming. The place I have been going to for over 30 years has been unavailable since Covid struck and my body is seizing up. 
So today I tried out the Katoomba Leisure and Swim Center and was very pleased to find the water temperature perfect and plenty of parking. What's more, it's free to over 75 year olds! Of course I am far too young yet but hopefully will be able to take advantage of that one day :-)

We have been watching the Queen's funeral tonight. It is wonderful to see how well it all went and the enormous support and emotion from the people. A fitting tribute to a remarkable woman.

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