Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR


A good nights rest for me as Jerry got up with Gypsy at 2am.  I really hope this going out to pee in the middle of the night will go away as she gets well from the Urinary infection. I believe the infection was the real reason why she could not get herself up.  She actually took a short walk beyond the mailbox yesterday evening.  Normal activity!  

She loves to lay here in front of the door until it gets too warm and the door gets closed.  I don’t know why she uses the door jamb as a pillow.  She does like a pillow! Spoiled dog!   This is her favorite thing to do…nap!

Hoping for a much better week this week.

I love the light shining on her.

Some thoughts on the Tiny Tuesday (TT382) theme, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral    Looking forward to seeing what the tiny/macro finds are!

What does Animal Vegetable Mineral mean?

English people define everything as being either Animal (if it is alive) Vegetable (if it grows) or Mineral (if it isn't alive, doesn't grow and comes from the ground.)

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