Maker?s Mark

Here's Amy Dolan, the brains behind furniture re-purposing businessZiggy Sawdust.

She's sitting on the sofabed which she just converted from a solid, but slightly worn pine frame and cushions to this custom coloured, reupholstered custom redesigned seating place for the baby's room.

We were lucky enough to be given an old pine futon bed by SPS's boss. It had been out in storage for a while and we looked at stripping it all down ourselves and paining it white. But then we discovered Ziggy Sawdust.

For substantially less than even the most basic futon, Amy looked at pictures and wallpaper swatches, suggested colours, helped us choose fabric, and then came and picked up the sofa. And then by it is, matching the room perfectly, and looking brand new.

What a lovely person to deal with. Fizzy with enthusiasm and gold brogues, delighted at the project, and realistic with deadlines, cost, and timings, couldn't recommend the service enough. If only we had enough space for more.

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