They've Grown....

..... a bit since we first started coming to the Botanical Gardens.

The weather was so nice today.

So, an early pancake breakfast.  Threw some things in a bag.  And headed out.

We got to the motorway, and the traffic was very slow.  But we trundled along, and didn't make bad time.

We took the first parking place we found and headed off to the playpark.

There were only 2 other children there, so my two had a good play on everything.

Mia even learned to climb up the tricky rope ladder, to go down the big slide.

We then headed off to get ice-cream.  Each clutching their purses, with money from Grandpa, to buy ice-cream.  Peppermint today.

When that was finished, back to the play park.  And then setting off for a walk.

We didn't get far when we saw a little beach.  They played here for over an hour.  Most of the time with a beautiful young Labrador called Jazz, short for Jasmine.

Back again to the playpark, before another long walk around the park.

We've seen turtles sunbathing.  Lizards galore.  Two young black swans, just beginning to lose their grey feathers.  And finally, the smallest moorhens I've ever seen.

We finally left at 1.30.  The girls would've stayed forever, but I needed a cup of tea!

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