Had a coffee with NPS and listened to her views on the board then down to Waverley to get my flu and Covid booster jags….hoping I don’t get too many after effects given how much I need to do today.
Given I was down in town I decided to stay to get the last set of things I needed but quickly regretted the clothes I was wearing as it became much warmer than I expected and sunnier but I’d left my sunglasses at home. Ended up getting changed in a fitting room to put a new T shirt on and bundle my jumper into my bag, then sat in the shade in Princes St garden to call the carers and GP about P. Sounds like should all be ok but not certain that what’s planned is actually happening judging by what Mt said about what he found when he visited yesterday.
Met up with EM for another governors’ chat…some interesting ideas, then caught a bus home as I was whacked out. Caught up with A who’d had another day off and after she’d had her first online seminar (masters in Data Science for Health course) we decided to go to Soi 38 for supper. I had a lovely steak with black peppercorns, spices and noodles. Chatting about their moving plans.
Home and watched BakeOff then bed….

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