By NellyO


Coda is a shop I walk past every day on my way to and from work, it is a source of great temptation! It is a music shop dedicated to selling Scottish music and folk music from wider afield, and is a godsend when I need to get presents!

A good day today. I took an hour out of work this afternoon (justified by spending an hour interviewing someone this evening) and met up with my friend J from London Town, she has been on holiday in Orkney the last week and was travelling back down to London today, and had an hour between trains at Edinburgh so it was fantastic to catch up. As she was only an hour and obviously didn't want to miss her connection it possibly wasn't the most authentically Edinburgh visit she could have had (Coffee Stop at Waverley Station). But no matter, it was fab to catch up and I'm grateful that I can be flexible enough in my job to be able to take that sort of time out. Hooray!

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