La vida de Annie

By Annie


Took this from the bathroom window at 7am. It was back to pale grey after 5 minutes. I kept it in reserve in case there was nothing of interest the rest of the day. Except for a pink car wearing eyelashes and upholstered in pink fluffy tiger patterns in Lidl car park, there wasn't. We wanted to see who would drive such a car - clues such as “mad cat woman” and “you have been overtaken by a girl”, along with heart and lips stickers, implied the driver was female. OH said it would be a “slobby fat old biffa” (he’s not known for tact), whereas I thought it may be a younger busty over-processed female (plumped lips, groucho eyebrows, elaborate nails and revealing attire). She didn’t show before we left, so were both left nursing our own prejudicial stereotypes. I’ll look out for that car again just to see…

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