Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2825. New shoes…..

But not for me….my step daughter and I travelled to Edinburgh today to organise some new extra wide shoes for her to help her get back to work. It was a bit of a trek to the shop and despite asking the bus driver to alert us when we were at our bus stop…he didn’t bother so we sailed three stops past it and had to walk back.

The good news was that once we got into the shop we found some really sensible work shoes and a pair of snazzy slippers for her!

I also managed to rattle some cages at Virgin Money after their “switch offer” didn’t materialise and I had to lodge a formal complaint at the branch in Edinburgh. Had a long chat with a lovely lady from their complaints department and hopefully the issue is now finally resolved, they did make a good will gesture though which will help!

I have a review appointment at the dentist tomorrow early on and then I’m going to try and collect my repaired shoes after the chap didn’t give me a ticket and now he can’t find them! We have another 100 mile round trip to the hospital the day before we fly to Berlin and poor hubby has a dental appointment too, so this week is going to whizz by!

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