Lost in Thought

By steveng

Positive Negative

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on yesterdays panorama.

As we have not gone to Devon there has been a little searching about for alternative things to do  which this afternoon, was a trip to Compton Verney to see a Print Fair where artists who work with e.g. screen and/or lino cuts show, talk about, and sell their work.  Just as with a photography exhibition, a lot of the visitors are interested in how the images came about, and don't necessarily buy anything. 

Last Monday I blipped Gill making a lino cut,  and a few of you asked me about blipping the result.  That project is not yet printed so this blip is an earlier linocut and the resulting print.  At the print fair she talked to a couple of the artists who both recommended Pfeil cutting tools.
You can guess where this is going can't you .....

The new set arrives later this week!
Probably not costing any more than the two tanks of diesel fuel we might have used and I did encourage her to buy them :-)

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