The Golfer & The Caddy

Another day at Hill of Tarvit Mansionhouse. A busy day with visitors all day long.

The day passes quickly with plenty of questions, some of which can be easily answered and some which require a little bit of investigation.

Today’s Blipfoto shows a painting from the Long Gallery  called The Golfer and The Caddy.

Perhaps the most interesting encounter was with a couple of seriously jet lagged American visitors who had flown into Edinburgh from New Hampshire.

I met them in the car park and they asked ‘Where are we?

Your roads are frightening to drive on. We want to get to Perth!

OK! It was fairly easy to give the hapless couple directions to Perth. However I suggested that they have some breakfast first before venturing on.

I suggested a couple places on route where they could eat.

‘On a Sunday!’ Shock and horror on their faces.

Yes, on a Sunday.

I hope they made it to Perth.

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