By LincolnWarrior

This is Mine now

A fairly busy day at work which is good . Once it was time to head home I went and picked Julie up to do the weekly shopping , once back home it was starting to get rather dull . I had taken a couple of shots at work but was not happy with them. When we went shopping we took a load of soft plastic to be recycled which was kept in the box at home. Minstrel saw the box was empty so laid claim to it so he just had to be the star of my  blip.
Blip sorted  and tea out the way now watching England v Germany  not the best of performances but England  have come from 2-0 down to make it 2 - 2  as they have suddenly learnt how to play , as I type England have just been awarded a penalty and scored to make it 3 - 2  this has saved them getting booed off the pitch I'm sure .
Grace has just scrapped her old car which I had insured for her so informed the insurance company and they have given me a refund but charged £60 administration charge  but at least I have got some money back 

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