Breakfast at the Community Garden

I love the way squirrels hold things in their little hands. This character sure made a mess, pulling apart the fleshy sunflower head to get to the seeds. 

I walked over to the community garden this morning; it's always fun to see how each gardener has approached the concept of working a plot. Some are meticulous, some are neglectful. Some focus on vegetables, some prefer flowers. Some have secure fences and elaborate gates; others are open to whatever passes by. It doesn't matter what your philosophy--all are subject to raids by squirrels! 

We worked in our own garden, taking down the very last of the tomatoes, bundling up the cages and getting them stashed away for the winter, pruning this and that as I passed by. I even took down some of the very tall sunflowers that had been completely stripped of every possible seed.
I can say I worked hard, and I'm feeling it. And then I made a batch of granola. 

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