James Watt, Artist

By JamesWatt

Limited Palette

I'm still immersed in the detail of the Port Glasgow mural. Working with a digitised shot of the original study for the mural (on the left) and with the actual mural, (on the right), as well my shots of it today. In Port Glasgow Town Hall, the sky is very much darker than in the digitised image. More like today's sky.

The idea of limited palette is something we'll be exploring with classes, as well as the ways in which colours within that palette have changed over the decades as Inverclyde has changed. Maybe the colours in the mural itself have changed over time, but no, I think the weather, time of day and details give different impressions in the two shots. Further investigation needed of how the ideas for the mural progressed. I'm going to visit the artist again next week.

I will blip the whole mural next week, honest, but for the moment, just loving looking at the detail, and learning.

Visited St Fillan's PS, Renfrewshire this afternoon to talk about their ideas for participation. Interesting thoughts about artwork as source for social history emerged. It will be very interesting as pupils investigate changes in Clydeside, through changes in colours and light...

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