Blooming marvellous

Blipped this before, I know, but the undead orchid now has so many flowers that it's worth another shot. Far from 'dead', it's absolutely thriving!

A busy day. Texted Ben, the plumber, first thing, to see if he could give us an update (no, he didn't turn up last week...) as to when he's coming to install the new kitchen sink and tap. Amazed to get an immediate reply saying that he'd be here in a couple of hours, and would also service the boiler. Shortly after I'd finished emptying the under-sink cupboard and the boiler cupboard he arrived, and three hours later had completed both jobs with no real mishap. Apart from cutting a chunk out of his finger! Plaster applied. As he was about to leave he explained that he hadn't come last week as he'd had Covid. Hoping that he's now thoroughly rid of the virus! Once he'd gone it took a while to clean both cupboards and replace the contents

Funnily enough the kitchen looks much better now the dark brown sink and tap have been replaced by stainless steel!

Took all the completed paperwork to the estate agent's this afternoon, and contacted a firm of solicitors for a quote for conveyancing. All beginning to seem quite surreal...

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