By seizetheday


MrM's 'big' birthday, one with a zero at the end!

A working day - he's preparing to hang a new exterior door - but he had a mid-morning break for coffee and birthday cake, and we were joined by Jacqui and Fletch. The scales are unlikely to be kind to any of us tomorrow!

Several parcels arrived during the day, all for MrM, including a very extravagant gift with no indication of who arranged to send it. No name on the gift card. Contacted all the usual suspects, but as yet have failed miserably to find out who it's from. Maybe an Antipodean member of MrM's family...

In the evening I took MrM to Milan for a celebratory meal, unfortunately not Milan in Italy but a very good Italian restaurant off the High Street. A real birthday treat! This is his dessert.

This afternoon our flat sale went 'live' at the estate agent's. Not the best of times for it! Truss's mini-budget has thrown the entire economy into turmoil, including the housing market...

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