I was asked to take some publicity photos of the speakers at an XR event next week. The rendezvous was 6.30pm - 20 minutes before sunset - under some large leafy trees in a road with tall buildings on both sides. I went out a couple of days ago to find the spot with the most light and was relieved today that the sun was due to last all afternoon.

The event is an information meeting for people who are new to XR so I'm asked not to go, though I'd be very interested to hear Emily Cox, 'a researcher in environmental policy and social psychology. She's an expert on technologies to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, and focuses on social science dimensions such as public perceptions, policy, and ethics.'

Abha Jeurkar, an Indian development worker, and Alan Allport, a retired psychology professor, will talk about the impact of the climate crisis on people and nature.

If any non-XR members are near Oxford on 4 October you'd be very welcome.

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